Aksoy Houses


Aksoy Houses


Vize / Kırklareli

Aksoylar Tük. Mad. Paz. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.



3,906 square meters




  • Building Design

Project Description

The client requested a design for the most feasible number of detached houses on 7,845 square meters of land located in Vize, Kırklareli, in accordance with land and development possibilities. Each home would include kitchens and living spaces on the ground floor, and three rooms, bathrooms and a spacious living area on the upper floor. An analysis of the submitted program and land data led us to determine that sixteen villas could be constructed on the land area, excluding necessary spaces for access roads and environmental works.

Fourteen Type A detached houses were planned on fourteen parcels which were divided into areas ranging from a minimum of 350 square meters to a maximum of 428 square meters. Eight of them had front entries, whereas six had rear entries. In addition, two detached houses with sizes of 664 square meters and 607 square meters were planned on the two parcels located at the upper and lower corners of the land, respectively. Called Type B and Type C, these houses are similar in design to the Type A houses, with certain variations due to area and location characteristics.

The ground floor of the Type A houses include an entrance hall elevated by a few steps from floor level, a cloakroom, and a powder room opening into this hall. A steel construction staircase ensuring access upstairs started directly from the entrance hall. The main hall, following the entrance hall, opens to the kitchen, and living room spaces. We designed an expansive terrace in front of the facade where the living room is located; the terrace can be accessed via the kitchen and the living room in the lateral and front facades, respectively.

The stairs lead to the hall on the upper floor. Just next to the stairs, we designed a living room with a large balcony on the front facade. This space is not separated from the stairs and hallway by wall and door; rather, this area - completely open to the stair facade - is designed as a living space featuring a staircase and the floor hall. One can move from the floor hall to the master bathroom, and to the master bedroom through the dressing room. In addition to the master bedroom, we planned two rooms and one bathroom opening into the same hall.

The living setting in Types B and C remains essentially the same. We expanded the hall, kitchen, restroom, and cloakroom spaces on the entrance floors to as much as allowable given the land area. Also, in Type B, we added a guest suite opening to the entrance hall with a small glass-enclosed hall. Similarly, in Types B and C, we proposed additional living areas/winter gardens connected to the kitchen side with front terraces and pools facing them.

We aimed to create a balanced composition of buildings with properly established interior and exterior relations – simple, contemporary structures in harmony with their surroundings, thanks to the use of appropriate materials, and fully responsive to the needs and functions of their inhabitants.