Lectra Istanbul Office


Lectra Istanbul Office


Koza Plaza / Esenler / Istanbul

Lectra Systemes Cad-Cam S. U. T. Tic. ve San. A.Ş.



262 square meters



Project Description

Our company provided Lectra, a France-based global software company offering integrated technology solutions in textiles, furniture, etc. with interior design project and construction administration services for its Istanbul office at Koza Plaza in Esenler. We prepared and presented two different concepts for the venue. We moved on to the construction phase after the preparation of the construction documents including detail projects based on the selected concept.

Our main goal was to provide a pure, bright, and comfortable interior design highlighting the combination of technology and nature in design. We brought the welcome wall, which enables users to move to the seminar hall located behind, to the front as the first noticeable architectural element. On this wall is hung the wide panel designed with Corian material on oak veneer surface in mind to ensure a feeling of the global presence of the company. We placed the illuminated Lectra logo on the top left corner of the board so that it would draw all the attention. The Corian and glass material-containing counter was placed in front of and parallel to this wall. Covering the floor of the welcoming area with carpet until the counter, we aimed to separate the area from general circulation areas covered with wood parquet. In the entrance, we designed the left wall as the information wall offering visual and written information about the company. We designed the wall consisting of vertical elements. The front surfaces of this vertical elements were covered with enamel painted glass while the remaining surface was made of lacquered. Also, it contained a brochure shelf and monitor. The circular right wall, partially covered  with wood and artificial leather,  functions as a seating area for the visitors of the company. With this design, artificial leather-covered seating elements were placed in front of it. The circular wall also conceals the office kitchen behind it.

A transparent glass door provides controlled access from the reception and the waiting area to the open plan office. We emphasized the round circulation areas within the open plan office area with material and surface differences both on the ground and in the suspended ceiling. Two circular columns within the premises were covered with Corian. Glass was used to provide light transmission in all sections as well as transparency in the workplace. In general, the circulation areas were covered with oak parquet, and the work area surfaces were covered with carpet.

One goes from the open plan office through a wide hall to the General Manager’s room, the system room, and meeting room. In this section, all the compartments except the wall surfaces were constructed with acoustic glass material.